Causes and Solutions of Lower Back Pain

August 19, 2021

Lower back pain is joint in different cultures across the world. However, anyone can experience this type of pain --children, adults, or the elderly. Moreover, studies have shown that it’s among the leading causes of disability. But, first off, what is lower back pain?

This condition usually refers to the ache or discomfort between the lower rib margins and the buttocks. However, it can extend to one or two legs. And in some cases, the pain is often associated with neurological symptoms in the lower limbs.  

What are the Causes?

There are several known and unknown triggers of lower back pain.For instance, smokers and obese persons are at a higher risk of experiencing this type of pain. Also, if you take part in any physically demanding jobs orhave any mental conditions, you are more likely to report these symptoms.

Fortunately, research has shown that most people recover quickly from these symptoms. Recurrence is, however, familiar with chances of the pain becoming persistent and, to some extent, even disabling. So let’s have a look at the known and unknown causes of lower back pain:

Known Causes

For most people, experiencing discomfort or difficulties in working can result in seeking medical consultations. There are several causes of lower back pain, such as vertebral fracture or malignancy, that are super easy to identify. 

But there are also those rare cases of the condition that are often due to specific triggers. And as such, only an insignificant number of people get the chance to find out the cause of their pain. 

However, there are other common causes associated with lower back pain. These include:

● Lumbar disc disease

● Rheumatic conditions

● Sciatica

● Fracture in the lower back (vertebrae)

● Accidental injuries such as a car crash

● Sacroiliac joint disease (lower joints of the spine)

It is important to note that lower back pain can become persistent, generally for over three months or so. Because of this,experts consider it chronic in extensive cases and say it can be hard to treat. 

Therefore, lower back pain is often seen as a systemic problem with a substantial psychological component. 

Unknown Cases

Okay, do you ever wake up on certain mornings feeling pains in your lower back? The chances are high that you always can’t identify any reason associated with these pains. 

Scientists classify those who experience lower back pain with sources hard to identify as having non-specific lower back pain. What’s more, studies have shown that the pain can primarily develop independently of any injury or unusual movement of strain. 

Treating non-specific lower back pain can be pretty tricky and thus considered very hard to heal. Of course, this is because these pains vary from moderate to severe. Moreover, it can be very challenging to understand the cause of origin. Hence hard to prescribe any suitable treatment. 

Non-specific lower back pains may also involve different problems where social, psychological, or biophysical factors influence a person’s health. Therefore, scientists highly recommend that any treatment or therapy focus on understanding the patient’s needs, situation, and other specific circumstances. 

What are the Available Solutions?

Anyone can suffer from lower back pain. And,this type of pain is the symptom of the problem, not a disease or its cause.However, you might want to know that various known and unknown issues can generate symptoms associated with lower back pain. 

Therefore, it is vital to take caution before seeking any treatment for specific or non-specific causes. You need to ensure that the treatment is specifically tailored to your personal needs and diagnosis.

So, how do you treat your lower back pain?Treatment options vary widely depending on the intensity and the time lengths of your lower back pain. And if you are in Australia, you are lucky to have SA Wellness Centre to look for treatment. 

We provide for multidisciplinary treatments to lower back pain symptoms. Our approach involves naturopathy, yoga, massage,physiotherapy, and chiropractic services. Besides, we highly recognize that your health and well-being depend on your physical, emotional, and mental environment. 

We are committed to helping our patients identify, relieve, or prevent any lower back pain issues or related problems.Contact us today or visit us at your convenient time. We are waiting to assess your situation and help you find the proper treatment.


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