The Best Red and NIR Light Therapy Devices in Australia

August 19, 2021

Do you remember those days when people depended on solariums yet they caused all those cancers? Simply put,life was pretty hard -- no doubt about that! But, the turning point came from the introduction of red and NIR light therapy devices. How about you now toss that UV tube in the trash?

Therapy Lights Australia (TLA) understands your needs. We only ensure you get maximum results with the best red and NIR light therapy devices. Our competitive prices reflect our positive attitude towards our customers. What’s more, we value integrity in our business because we believe it pays to go the extra mile for our customers.

We deal in a wide range of LED light therapy devices,including Home Series and Pro Series. And, did you know you only get 100%premium quality when you do business with us? Shop with Us today!

About Home Series/Pro Series

While there are minor differences between these two, both series feature products at the top of their respective classes. The most exciting thing is that you are covered under market-leading warranties for top products.

The Home Series has simple controls: a switch for NIR light and another switch for Red light. You might want to use both switches in this case. We highly recommend using both of them.

Alternatively, the Pro Series features digital controls backed up with intelligent timing functions. As such,you can pick NIR or Red light on the digital control panel and the specific time you want the device to run. Luckily, Therapy Lights Australia provides additional fittings for easy extension of your machine’s physical size.

Which Series is Right for You?

We have a wide variety of red light therapy devices tailored to suit your personal needs. We have bands/masks/accessories, home series, pro series, and pod range.

Let’s see a few products under several categories for your reference:


Pod Range (TLA Health Pod Duo)

TLA Health Pod Duo device weighs 140 kgs, and you shouldn’t be surprised that it requires at least a pallet jack to move. As a LED Light Bed, it contains 660nm/850nm LEDs (a ratio of 1:1).

We recommend an ideal session of approximately 10-20 minutes. Besides, you can set the machine to a specific time, and it will run until the timer runs out.

Do you want to shop for this machine? Get TLA Health Pod Duo today! You can still order other devices under the Pod range category.

Home Series (300w TLA Red 660 & NIR 850 LED Light Panel PDT)

This red and NIR light therapy device comes in a perfect size, and you can hang it virtually anywhere. It only weighs 3kgs, and you can’t miss protecting your eyes with a free pair of light-blocking goggles.

Moreover, all TLA panels are free from UV light. Therefore, they do not emit any potential harmful UV rays. You can also worry less about the device’s lifespan -- it has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.   So, you will not have to replace them any sooner.

Check out the 300 Home LED Light Panel.

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